In This Loneliness

A new song came out to me last week in my loneliness, I thought I didn't like it and forgot about it. I plugged in my headphones to listen to it one last time before deleting it as I thought I would Saturday. To my surprise I loved it and want to share it with you. My go to when feeling lonely is singing my songs and practicing strings on my guitar.

Longing Is Not Love

Thank You Jesus

Thank you Jesus for the skies and trees, thank you for the waves and the birds and the flowers Jesus thank you for being here, for forgiving me of my sins, I don't deserve you, but I need you Thank you Lord for talking to me when I was lost in my ways, Thank you for a second chance, to live by your hand, Lord your the healer of broken hearts, you've got to trust in Jesus, because he loves you, your not the answer, it's at the cross Sometimes your heart is hardened, ask the Lord to help you, he can soften your heart and bring you back to the place where you first knew each other The only person you need of Jesus, and his love, don't turn to me, don't turn to man, turn to the cross, it's where you will find is guiding hand.

Morning Oats

Oatmeal ....
One banana boiled in coconut milk. One and a half cups of old fashioned oatmeal added after coconut milk was boiled. Reduce heat and let oats cook for five minutes. Turn off heat cover and let oats sit for three minutes. Add cinnamon and brown sugar. Enjoy!
Inspired by @fannetasticfood

A Letter To Mom On Mothers Day

Dear Mom
Mom sorry you felt the need to abandon me and leave me alone in this cruel loveless world. I forgive you and need you. It's hard not knowing if your dead or alive. It's hard knowing you may not want to be found.
Mom I remember your suffering and although I tried to not be like you I see you in me everyday.

The hardest part is when I have issues in life, your not there to answer the phone and I have to turn to google instead, some random stranger or facebook for help.
Because of you, I don't trust, I don't commit and I don't know how long I will make it feeling this alone in the world. You made the mistake of giving birth to me with a man that didn't love you and because if that I also don't have a dad to turn to either.
I do owe you nine months rent for you carrying me in your womb. I'm supposed to be thankful for the life you gave me and I do try to be, but what is life if you have to live it not loved?
Mom, the only man I loved, di…

Healing Through Music By Sunset Birds And Gentle Waves

Posted by Caroline Tomasi on Friday, April 14, 2017

Pressing Forward In Life's Marathon

Life is like running a marathon. There are ups and downs in life's race. Painful moments and sometimes injuries. You heal and you get back in life's race. Sometimes you have to slow your pace or even walk. Sometimes you feel, how is it possible to finish my life? It is your race and your competition is staring back at you when you look into the mirror. Train with dedication everyday, for a strong heart and mind. When it's time to cross the finish line know you ran your best race and gave life everything you had. You woke up everyday and you didn't give up. Your not a quitter you only got stronger and you were in God's guiding hand. There are no answer to life's hard questions. Stop searching for answers they simply don't exist. Just know God gave you this new day to keep on in your race because he knew it would be enough for you. Through Christ Jesus everything is possible.