Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tobacco Road Marathon 12th Marathon


I am Trinity on the left, Pashy is my sister on the right. We hopped in the car after mama picked us up from our step mom's house and got settled in for a long road trip from DC to Cary North Carolina to watch moma run in the Tobacco Road Marathon.                                                                                                                
Mom really wasn't ready to run a marathon. In fact mom's last long run was her marathon in January, a six hour race in Charleston South Carolina. Moma always tend to have so many things going on in emotional and physical her life that her goals tend to take a back seat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Moma doesn't give up though. We have to give her credit for that. Moma hopes one day she will get it together in her mind and heart and make all her dreams come true, but for now mom decided just to do the best she could under the circumstances and not look back. 


We sat and watched our mom flip through the channels listen to everything from country to hard rock and everything in between. Mom got us a hotel room and picked up her bib and goodies from the expo, but mom was not feeling so great inside.                                                                                                                                  
So moma wrote an open letter to her mom that disappeared when she was nine and wiped her tears away. We sat there and watched mom write her letter as she waited for the laudry to be done.                                                                                                                
We know mom was praying, we knew she was struggling inside, but we know mom has to go through the pain to get to a place inside where mom could be at peace in. Mom is always good at picking herself back up. Our mom is a survivor.                                                                                                               
Mom left us to run her 26.2 Sunday morthing, but we bark allot and so someone in our hotel called the cops. We just want to protect mom and stay safe, but some humans don's see it that way. Finally our mom came to pick us up from the Cary Police department. We committed no crime so mom did not have to bail us out, we were just loud cuz we were in a sketchy hotel and did't feel safe.

Mom came hobbling over, we missed her so much and we went to go eat. Mom finished her marathon and got her finishers medal. It took mom 5 and a half hours to run it. Now mom just has to do it 38 more times in 38 states.

We hope by the 38th state we don't have to see her cry or be sad. Mom runs long distances to try and become a better, stronger person inside. Our mom is fighting inside to hold on to life and be as happy as she can despite the harsh realities of life and the mistakes she has made along the way in finding out who she is.  

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A New Running Route

I moved! And like you already can imagine my running route and routine is a big change. I welcome the change. I will miss dearly running along the Potomac river, but I am excited at just lacing up and walking out my front door to start a run. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How To Love Yourself In 5 Easy Steps

I have had people ask me "Do You Love Yourself"? I have heard people say "Love Yourself." I have even heard people say " If you don't love yourself how with anyone love you or something similar. This Sunday I bought 3 things as an act of love for myself. I bought the perfume above, a journal to track my progress and some massage oil to take care of my skin.

It is hard for me not to get narcism and loving yourself confused. So I wanted to write a post that list 5 ways you can love yourself that is not overboard and what everyone should be doing but many don't because they really don't know any better. I have found loving myself is a daily task and choice.

It's not in everyone to automatically live a life of self love. I came to love myself later in life as I started to pick myself back up and saw that my patterns of behavior was causing me great unhappiness. Life can be very much trial and error especially if you were like me and believed you had all the answers to life and how it should be lived. Some of us unfortunately learn the hard way.

I thought to myself. Isn't loving yourself a bit narcissistic and selfish. Someone told me I was narcissistic, because I took a lot of selfies. I actually take a lot of selfies because my life is just about me right now, I have to save me before I can help or save anyone else. My selfies are a daily reminder that I am thankful to be alive and its proof through a picture.

The reason why loving yourself is not narcissistic is because loving yourself does not hurt other people being narcissistic can.

5 Simple Easy Steps To Loving Yourself
- before you consume something , think to yourself " Is this harmful to my body or was something harmed for my consumption?

- taking care of your body, for me I spend a lot of time loving and taking care of my hair and skin

- setting boundaries and saying no , imaging how you will feel if you do something you really didn't want to and how you know you will not want to live with regret later on after the fact

- set short term and long term achievable goals that you are passionate about , I have a passion for music and will take time to produce my own lyrics and sound amongst some other goals.

- let go : maybe not for everyone but one of the biggest ways you can love yourself is to let go. It could be anything , but primarily it is anything or anyone in your life that you are holding on too that you have no business , primarily because the act of holding on hinders your love of self.

Loving yourself in these simple ways is a way of telling yourself you matter. I know I might make mistakes from time to time, but I have it clear in my mind how I want to treat myself.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Charleston Marathon Race Recap: And All This I Lay At The Cross OfJesus Christ

12 Mile Bike Ride To Start Of Race, Brunch & Back To Hotel Room
Charleston Marathon 26.2 Miles: 6:06:00

It was by chance I met these two beautiful ladies. They were so positive and I tried to adapt their attitude even though I felt shitty being sick and with a fever. I know the night before the race I could have waited till next year or sucked it up and drive on. I also knew this would not be a great time since I was fighting a cold, tooth pain, and disappointment in someone letting me down personally. So meeting these two inspiring ladies played an instrumental roll in even finishing the race. They both met in college on the row team. They kept in touch and although they live far away from each other they are like the Distant Runners meeting for races now and then throughout the year. Before I knew it after chatting it up mile 8 passed running around a 14:00 pace. They told me to go I could do it so I left the pack and pushed as hard as I could. For a while I thought I could hold a 9:30 pace, but it dwindled to a 12:00 min pace and so forth.

I did the best I could. And like in every marathon something spiritual happens. God said lay all this at my feet. So I kept repeating to myself "And all this I lay at the cross of Jesus Christ". So I took all of my cares to his feet left them there and jogged away.

Matthew 11:30
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

So all these things, the hurt, the rejection all this I lay at the Cross.

And the Marathon met its end for me. Thank you Lord I whispered. 11th marathon in my quest to run 50 marathons in 50 states.

I was able to somehow bike to Dellz Uptown to refuel and mentally prepare for the 5 mile bike ride back to the hotel room.

Gods Love Is There ...he says...
John 3:16-17
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Blog For Free

This title is deceiving, sorry I had to catch your attention. This is a rant from an email I got today, but I will list 5 reasons you should not blog free for companies that ask you too.

1. Your readers will hate you and leave you. OK maybe not quite, but notice I don't like to visit blogs that are promoting something or have a lot of ads on their blog.  I feel it is impersonal and I am just a number out there. Readers what authentic material, they can tell when you are not real.

2. Your time is money. More than likely you blog and you don't make a living from blogging, at least not yet and so you have another job. Now this business wants to put you to work on top of your normal blogging and your day job. Yea I don't think so.

3. Who Wants To Feel Used? Maybe you are an excited blogger about the opportunity. Then 5 more opportunities come your way and you put in all the work for no pay. As a blogger you now could start feeling used ?

4. The Traffic To Your Site Lie. They promise to bring traffic to your site by associating with them is a lie. I have learned that It is not that easy to get a following and to get people to care about your journey. I am thankful for my readers on my blog.  I can count them on my ten fingers and I wouldn't have it any other way. Quality is more valuable than quantity.

5. Nothing To Show For It. I lost my virginity at 21 and could have slept with 20 guys in my lifetime. To this day I have nothing to show for it. If I would have charged every guy and put it in a Roth IRA when I get old I would have something to fall back on. I am not suggesting you should be a prostitute. I am just trying to make the point. I let guys use me. Shame on me I have learned. I have nothing now to fall back on from my time ill spent. Why let a company use you? They are just like the guy trying to get in your pants and not offer anything that will be there to help you in the long run.

According to the email I received today, I am supposed to write two blog posts , post on Facebook , and Instagram. All to promote your business for free through me. Work is work. Offer Pay. Free classes are not compensation enough for me. There may be the occasional blog about a business I love. This written blog is on my own free time and will.

Of course if this was a email from a Vegan restaurant we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'm a slave for ‪#‎crueltyfree‬ yummy food.

Things I will promote for free, vegan food, marathons for a good cause to name a few. Business would have more success reaching out to people who come to their classes that they know love them and are a regular. Those people are the ones that can promote them the best.

I blog for me and I intend to keep it that way. I pay for my own hosting every month. I am picky when I get these types of emails, because time is money.  Services are bad many times. Why promote something you can't be sure of, that's why I ignore these emails.

I had to share this one because she was asking for the cake and the icing too. Two blog posts, promotion on Instagram and Facebook. This is not the best way to grow their business. I guess they will figure it out soon enough.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

How I Went From Drugs To Running Marathons

As the cop, pulled me over I sat up straight in my seat and asked "Is everything ok officer?". You were not driving straight, he replied laughing. Please step out of the car, he commanded. I was nervous. I could not understand what he was saying. The large amount of prescription drugs I had taken was taking every situation and turning it into something else. The officers took my glasses and I couldn't see.

As I sat on the sidewalk a female cop approached me and asked me if I had any weapons, I took off a large sterling silver bracelet and waved it in the air saying, like this? I thought she also asked me to take my shirt off and I did but unfortunately for me I had no bra on.

Someone threw a black cloth bag over my head. Before I knew it I was in the back of a cop car in hand cuffs going with what felt like 100 miles an hour. The driver said he picked up many people like me. At some point the driver stopped and spoke to another cop as I tried to squint and make out who they were talking too. The cop replied, she will be with me awhile and laughed.

With the bag over my head I could not see, but just hear voices around me. Later that night I was hand cuffed to a stretcher and raced around the hospital with another girl named Sophia. They said whoever can scream the loudest will go to heaven. So I screamed and screamed as they raced me in my stretcher trying to get me to heaven. I won, or the drugs won rather.

After that wild night I left all the prescription drugs behind even the ones the doctor gave me to make me feel better. I laced up to try and go for a run, but my feet felt like lead hitting the pavement. I told myself this is what I wanted and that somehow I had to keep trying and not give up, I had to learn to run again.

My blog saved me, running saved me. I poured my attention to trying to get my life back to normal and find happiness in something I know helped me long ago when life was an earthquake, running was my safety and protection and natural drug that helped me feel better.

I did a lot of walking and blogging on here in my attempt to recover and learn to run again. At some point I learned there is no shame in waking, you just don't ever give up on yourself and on finishing what you started. You don't give up on life. You find a new reason to live after you feel like you have lost every reason to want to be alive.