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2013 Marine Corps Marathon Race Recap: My First DNF #marinecorpsmarathon

After running the Omaha Marathon and the San Francisco Marathon this year, the Marine Corps Marathon just did not come to fruition for me. Lesson to self, "don't try to run two marathons back to back in a two week span of time. My hip joints started to hurt at mile eleven, and I have never had pain like that early in a long run.

Every thing about this race just did not seem right. I was not happy and excited, like the other marathons. I learned I did not like this race at all if I was honest with myself. The race started in some huge parking lot, and there were no Starbucks I could walk to before the race. I hated standing in line to use the porta potty for an hour. I was spoiled in the other races because there really was no wait line for me.

You would not believe how angry I was when there were no energy gels left, in my other marathon's, they did not run out! Then I saw runners with several packs on their belt, and then knew were they all went. I was tempted to ask th…

2013 San Francisco Nike Marathon Race Recap #werunsf

Race: San Francisco Nike Marathon

Time: 5:56:06

Like I mentioned before, I am inspired by others and not every decision I make is original, call me monkey see monkey do. I saw that another running blogger was running the Nike Marathon and became a little envious, and not so much that she got in the race, but because she was going to the The Golden State.

A couple months passed by and I had forgotten all about this, but then I had another heart tug when my sweat pink leaders mentioned they were hosting, a pre Nike race yoga event. At this point I did not think twice, I immediately on impulse booked a flight to San Francisco. Here is a post about the fun stuff I aspired to do while I was there, but of course there was not enough time.

One of my sweat pink sisters hurt her knee so I bought her Nike marathon bib the day before the race, but could not sleep that night. I stopped at Starbucks in the morning and filled my water bottle with 4 of their coffee shots.  I knew I could not stay awa…