2013 San Francisco Nike Marathon Race Recap #werunsf

Race: San Francisco Nike Marathon

Time: 5:56:06

Like I mentioned before, I am inspired by others and not every decision I make is original, call me monkey see monkey do. I saw that another running blogger was running the Nike Marathon and became a little envious, and not so much that she got in the race, but because she was going to the The Golden State.

A couple months passed by and I had forgotten all about this, but then I had another heart tug when my sweat pink leaders mentioned they were hosting, a pre Nike race yoga event. At this point I did not think twice, I immediately on impulse booked a flight to San Francisco. Here is a post about the fun stuff I aspired to do while I was there, but of course there was not enough time.

One of my sweat pink sisters hurt her knee so I bought her Nike marathon bib the day before the race, but could not sleep that night. I stopped at Starbucks in the morning and filled my water bottle with 4 of their coffee shots.  I knew I could not stay awake without the caffeine. I was excited, but very nervous, to attempt to run another marathon after running this one and having this one coming up this weekend.

Mile 1-17 was fine, I felt confident, but everything went to shits after that. My ankle started to hurt and my lower body ached all over. I started to walk and knew for the first time in all the running I have done that an injury was near. I played with the idea of calling it quits, because an injury is just not worth it. The stubborn part of my personality did not want to give up, and I told myself, walk to the medical station and see what kind of help you can get before calling it quits.

At the medical station is when everything turned around for the better.  They were amazing medical volunteers, probably the best in the world. They wrapped my ankle and a stranger gave me a packet of salt and a pain killer. Once everything settled into my body I was feeling strong and could pick up my pace. Then the last two miles my body fell apart again, but I was so happy to be almost done, I just trotted along to the finish the best I could.

At mile 25 this guy started running alongside me said, "you have to be a little twisted to run a marathon", my response was, to me whether it is a 5k or a Full, running is running and we do it to get better at the sport, we aspire for something greater in ourselves, and there is nothing twisted about that. He said he was joking and went off to run with someone else.

Is this race hilly? Hell yes in the beginning, but it is so beautiful and inspirational, knowing that alone is inspiration enough to carry you up to the top and back down again. The lady I sat next to on the shuttle bus mentioned it was 5 miles of straight hills, but It did not feel that way to me. In my mind I imagined I was an Indian long ago before the settlers came to take over the land. All the runners around me were transformed into warrior Apache Indians with a six packs encouraging me to march forward into battle singing ho yay a o o.....o yay a o o. Unfortunately when I asked the lady next me on the shuttle bus,  if she was an Indian she said yes and was offended when I told her she looked just like the ones that helped me up the hills.

This race is something I would love to do again and think every runner would really love, even Kara Goucher came out to run the half. The finisher’s medal was a cute Tiffany’s necklace in the shape of a triangle. I don’t really care that there were firemen in tux to greet me with the little green box, I just had a great time and was thankful for the opportunity to run it.

What I learned From Running This Race

  1. I need better arch support in my running shoes.

  2. I need to wear ankle support in my next marathon

  3. I need to take a couple of salt packets with me to consume later in the race. This helps with cramps.

  4. Time Fly’s When You Are Having A Good Time

  5. Be incognito when flying, some of the flight attendants are not the friendliest, disrespectful and on a power trip.

  6. It would have been a nightmare commute without the easy-pass on the way back home.

  7. By the time I paid for a rental car and tolls staying in a cheaper hotel farther away, I could have gotten a hotel closer to the start.

  8. Yoga relaxes and relives the body from stress.

  9. People don’t normally travel alone and they think it’s strange when you do. (yes I traveled alone) My husband accepted me for me, and thinks I am eccentric…I am lucky to have at least one love in my life.

  10. I don’t pop molly, I rock marathons. (in other words I realized running is my drug of choice)


  1. I'm kind of old. . .and unhip. I don't understand #10.

  2. There is a rap song that says..i dont pop molly i rock tom ford...so i just changed the words around, its my way of saying marathon running is my drug of choice.

  3. Congrats on the marathon! I ran last weekend too, no one told me I was "twisted" but I was offered a little beer :)
    Great job!

  4. Sounds like it was a great race! I'm glad you were patched up by the medical volunteers and able to finish it. Way to go Caroline!! :) :)

  5. ha ha beer is good!

  6. Glad you had fun! I love running in San Francisco. I've never run the Nike Women's Marathon, but I've run the SF many times and yes, it is hilly in San Francisco. Who knew!? Be careful running so many marathons when you're somewhat injured.

  7. Congrats on your run!!

    I WALKED it... my 1st 1/2 marathon

    4:03Hrs with NO training... and I wasted about 15 mins along the route taking pictures...

    OH, the HILLS!!! They sure were fun, weren't they?? LOL

    Where did you stay?

  8. Congrats Caroline! I've heard it's an amazing race!

  9. I hope you didn't do anything to onset an injury for MCM
    The yoga session looked like a lot of fun! I've experienced a race or two without sleep and it's killer. The pre-race jitters keep me up all night.
    This is definitely a race on my bucket list.

  10. Congratulations. Even with the different issues sounds like you had fun. San Francisco is definitely on my "I wish I could" Marathon short list.

  11. I feel great! MCM, bring it on!

  12. yes you should totally do this race, there were tons of guys running it too!

  13. Great job! You know whats funny, I remember was it a little over a month ago you were questioning yourself at even running one marathon, and look at you now:) Guess you caught the addiction!!! Hope your ankle heals quick and doesn't give you any future problems!!

  14. i saw you a number of times throughout the last half. you looked hurt, but determined, and finishing is winning. congrats.

  15. Congratulations! That's so inspiring that an injury after Mile 7 you were still determined to finish. Way to go!!

  16. Thanks! Congrats to you as well!

  17. Thanks! Great job to you as well!

  18. Yes...you just never know...doubts happen sometimes i guess.

  19. Congrats! I would love to run in SF, what a great city.

  20. I enjoyed reading your recap. I get your humor so virtual fist bumps sister! LOVE the pic! You look awesome! So, congrats to you. I hope I'm as rockstar as you in my first Mary in March.

    I don't pop molly.... I rock marathons. Stealing that!

  21. Thanks, beautiful city, but happy to be back home!

  22. Good luck to your first marathon!

  23. Great summary - too bad you felt crappy at the end, but fortunately (1) you learned stuff and (2) you are feeling good now! Good luck at MCM and be sure to listen to your own advice! :)

  24. Great post! Congrats on another marathon! I love your comment about imagining you were an Indian. That so sounds like something I would do!

  25. My drug of choice is running too, best (and only one I've tried) out there if you ask me! Congrats on the finish and the lessons learned!

  26. you should try the Clif Shot Bloks in the Margarita Flavor..its has 3x the sodium of any other chews or gels...I sweat an INSANE amount and get cramps bc of it..but when I chew these in my marathons i get zero cramps..

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