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2013 Wilson Bridge Half Marathon Race Recap #wilsonbridgehalf

2013 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon
CAROLINE crossed Finish at 09:30 AM US/Eastern
Pace: 11:19 min/mi
Time: 02:28:13
I am in pain! My back thighs are hurting, and I need to find out why. The race was ok. If I am honest, I don't see myself being too thrilled about running races right now. Being out of shape (having a bum knee) takes the fun out of a race. I will continue my journey. I will not give up on trying to improve my time/loose weight. Until then this is my best. Like so many have said before, weight training is a must. The only way I can see myself getting weight training in my scheduled would be to do a treadmill run every other day, and use the weights there. I formed a habit of just going to the trail for a run and that is it, but it is time to change all that.

Apart from my less than desirable performance, the provisions at the race was great. I was so happy for all the water stops along the way even if I didn't get water. The water stops helped me keep going …