2014 Central Park Half Marathon Race Recap #nycruns

I arrived at my hotel The Hudson 6 am Friday morning. I thought to myself I would be able to do so much because the race was not until Sunday! I have never really gotten out to see much of NY before other than the time when I was born in the Bronx and 5 years ago when me and a friend came up to dance at Cheetahs.

Sadly I was too tiered to do any thing on Friday but pick up my bib, the day I arrived... so with not much sight-seeing accomplished I am disappointed, but decided to extend my stay till Tuesday..or maybe even till Wednesday noon in hopes I can get some more pics of all the cool places here in NYC.

Got lucky and  met  fitness coach  Kaseedeej at packet pickup!

I bought some new running shoes there, but most importantly I am an over pronator and these shoes Nike Lunar Eclipse 4 were matched for my running style via the lady that just did my gait analysis.

After packet pickup I went to my hotel to drop off my goodies then found a cool place to eat!

And bumped into these two beautiful ladies at the bar that were featured in the book Humans of New York.

I could not figure out the train system the next day (Saturday). I spent most of the day lost on the train, but finally made it to the Brooklyn Bridge to take the picture you see above. I guess you can say most of my entertainment came from the subway! I ran into two bands. I have an appreciation for music so I took some pics and even made a short video.

 When I final made it to the bridge.... it was getting too dark but along the way I ran into a couple of very revered areas...

And Finally The Brooklyn Bridge! 

The locks represent a couple sealing their love for each other in a deeper commitment on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Race Day Sunday! 

I set my alarm clock for 5:30am even though the half marathon started at 8 am. Knowing me slip ups happen, I might need that extra time.

K Tape! Not sure on the legitimacy of using this, but I had extras from the last expo I bought it at and I thought why the hell not! I K Taped my bad knee.

The race started a little after 8am. I needed to use the bathroom so luckily the porta johns where located close to the beginning of the race after it had started and with no waiting line! I did not know what to expect as far as a finish, because some things happened. My Garmin did not have enough life to use it as a pacer, and it has been a while since my last race.

The only thing that helps me keep a steady pace during the race is listening to my favorite rock bands Korn and Disturbed. They inspire me to push myself to do my best. I love them point-blank. I did notice I struggled with my pace during the hills. It would have been nice if I could have crushed them, but thankfully it was no were near hilly as my San Francisco race.

There were times during the race that I wondered if I should slow down and run behind someone, but I said to myself "Caroline run your own race, you never know you might be able to keep this pace going so don't be afraid to try." I noticed I have to mentally block out the other runners around me, I feel honestly like distractions slow me down, so I ran to the very far right of the race where it was free rein and I could have space to maneuver.

Mentally I reminded myself of all my ten-mile runs in the past and that gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could finish, because doubts like to creep inside my head.  The finish the clock said 2:06, but the official results say 2:04. I grabbed my finisher's t-shirt and medal as quickly as I could to get back to the hotel and recover.


  1. Great post! It looks like you've had fun here in NYC. 50 degrees in February is great running weather. If you are staying a few extra days do the Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty combo pass, you get more that way. Also the Empire State Building at night is the way to go.

  2. Wow... How cool that you completed a half - and in NYC no less. I'm still on 5k's... Maybe one day I'll work up to a half! Congratulations!

  3. Awesome time and it sounds like a fun race. I love NYC although I haven't been there in a few years. It's so hard to leave the warm weather and the beach :)
    Make sure you drink lots of water and some gatorade or get some nuun. Screaming calf pain is s sure sign of dehydration. It does go away fairly quick but it doesn't mean you've hydrated enough so be sure to get enough water. :) Greaat job on the race.

  4. Thanks sweetie..it was fun! I am looking for a new adventure now!

  5. thanks! I will definitely try and heal it is hurting a little today..

  6. I'm an Ex-NY'er, and I'm totally jealous! Love your tour of the city the pictures and experiences you had make me feel like I'm home. Esp... the Brooklyn Bridge shots! Yo Brooklyn!

  7. Way to go! I hope to get in this race next year. I love the Nike Lunar Glides too!


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