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DC Rock N Roll Marathon Race Recap: A Random Marathon

I am a nut case or maybe just random for even considering much less signing up for a marathon I did not train for. Wally asked me on Instagram if  I was running it and I said no, but something lit a fire in me and I jumped on impulse to set out and do it. There was only a 15 dollar difference between the half and the full. I felt like I would be getting more for my money by doing a full marathon.  Friday at the expo I felt pretty good then I got really tired from my hang over from Thursday night at the strip club and I started having second thoughts and even told myself I just thew away money on a bib I would not run on after all.

In the car driving home I told myself to just wait till tomorrow before making a decision to DNS the race. I fell asleep at 11pm and woke up at 4am then put my head down to sleep some more till 5:30 am.  I felt energetic in the morning and was just so exited to put on my green outfit, meet Wally at his hotel, and get out and have some fun on the course.