Garden Spot Village Marathon Race Recap: Running Is My Heart, My Love &My Life

About Lancaster County:

Driving in the night before, I stopped at the gas station and saw quite a few Amish women rolling through to get gas and It felt like a new world to me.  Lancaster, Pennsylvania is Amish country. Home to many in the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish and Mennonite community.

About Garden Spot Village Marathon:

Garden Spot Village Marathon raises money for the Benevolent Fund to  help  pay the way for older adults who have faced unexpected challenges. Because of the Benevolent Fund and the commitment of Garden Spot Village, the residents can have peace of mind that Garden Spot Village will continue to be their home.

Miles 1-10

At the end of every race, I ask myself,  "How did that just happen, how was this possible. I thank God.  For me it is a gift from him, to be able to finish.

Miles 1-10 I stayed with Ron, the 3:40 Pacer from NJ. My thoughts where to stay with him throughout the whole race, but something inside was like,  Caroline....Run Your Own Race.

 Miles 10-20

Jeff's advice to break up the marathon in increments of five miles rolled through my head. I told him I had six months to qualify for the Boston Marathon, a challenge I am doing with Brandon. Whoever wins the challenge buys each other a souvenir and t-shirt from that race.  I am very interested in securing Jeff as my coach to help me in my running goals. I am just not sure its in my budget this year.

There were a group of ladies running and I contemplating trying to run with them, but the same thought was "Run Your Own Race" They did pass me at one of my porta john stops lol .

Miles 20-26.2

When I run I don't think of distance. It is a journey, a steady pace with a surprise and adventure waiting for me right around the corner. At one point I identified with that Facebook quote, "If you can't run, walk, if you can't walk crawl...just don't give up". There was one hill I almost thought I would be crawling lol.

I'm looking forward to running in New Jersey on the 27!


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