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Delaware Marathon Race Recap #delawaremarathon

A Little About Wilmington Delaware: 

*Swedish governor  Colonel Johan Printz, ruled the colony under Swedish law from 1643 to 1653

* growth occurred during the Civil War

*ships, railroad cars, gunpowder, shoes, and other war-related goods gave growth to the city during the civil war because of high demand

*Riots and civil unrest  occurred in the city in 1968  when Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated

* the largest city in the state of Delaware

* known for  humid subtropical climate, with cool to cold winters, hot, humid summers, and much precipitation

*Wilmington is the nation's most dangerous small city in the US

*highest per capita rates of HIV infection in the United States

*credit card industry is the driving force of their economy

*State of Delaware & Christiana Care Health System are the top two employers

My Marathon Experience 

Here is another race that I really am
not inspired to write much about.I still would like to share a few things so I will just list The G…

5 Flat Marathons To Help In Getting A BQ

Here are some marathons I am going to run next year that are relatively flat and can help with a PR or BQ.

Baystate Marathon

Glass City Marathon

Chevron Houston Marathon

Chicago Marathon


2014 Flying Pig Marathon Race Recap: God In Heart, God In Soul, God InSpirit

Usually I would have something to write about, but this time I don't have much to say. In all honesty my laptop broke after the marathon and I notice after a few days past the event I get writers block. Instead I would like to list 10 thoughts I have about this race and just leave it at that.

1. This Marathon had the best spectators of all the marathons I have ever ran so far.

2. At the last mile of my marathon the thoughts came through my head...God In Heart, God In Soul, God In Spirit...and I just chanted this to the finish.

3. I read 3 race recaps before running this race and it helped me tremendously become an actual finisher. Find them here, here and here.

4. I think traveling is just as exciting as running the marathon, but running a marathon makes traveling worth the experience.

5. Although traveling greyhound makes these races affordable, I had to keep my guard up!

6. This race was fast, but slow. In other words runners passed me very fast the whole way through, while I r…