5 Flat Marathons To Help In Getting A BQ

Here are some marathons I am going to run next year that are relatively flat and can help with a PR or BQ.

Baystate Marathon

Glass City Marathon

Chevron Houston Marathon

Chicago Marathon



  1. Those are some awesome races, I hope you get your BQ!
    Just a tip, I'd say your best shot will be in the medium to smaller races. The Cheveron and Chicago marathon are awesome, but they are also huge with lots of people to move around near the start that tend to slow runners down. However, if you can get a good corral at the start, then what I said goes out the window because a good corral and you would have a great chance on those courses too!
    Good luck, you have awesome determination so I thinks it's safe to say you'll get that BQ!!!!!

  2. Whenever I bite the bullet and transition from my beloved half marathons to the full...Chicago was my number one choice simply for the flat course. I will have to remember these others, thanks for sharing!


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