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Big Elk Marathon: It's A Mud Slide, Slide With It #bigelk #xtterabigelk

Finish Time: 7:16:12.8

Age Group 30-34: 3rd Place

62nd Finisher out of 68 Runners

If at all possible I try to run races that have same day registrations. Doing this makes it easy for me, because there is no guarantee with my busy lifestyle that I will make a run till the day of the race. It did not bother me that the race did not start on time (7am). I worked the night before and felt lucky my boss let me go home at midnight, but I still had to wake up at 3am to drive about two hours to Elkton Maryland for the race on a couple of hours of sleep.

There was a chance I might not have woken up, but the great running spirit came and woke me for the race and as I arrived in Elkton MD I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise.

During registration someone wished me good luck for the race and later I found out it was George Banker's wife Bernadette Banker. The line was cake, because I got there early (5:30 am) like they suggested on Facebook.

George is an avid runner, journalist, historian, author an…

2014 North Face Endurance Race Recap: DNF #ecsdc

29 miles was the best I could do. Next year I tell myself to comfort my disappointment. Participating in this was so beautiful and the runners amazing and inspirational!

What I learned:

I need stronger legs.

Not allot of time to stop at my drop bag and It was time consuming.

A 50k is the longest I would like to run in the future, between refueling, using the bathroom, messing with my hydration pack it was too overwhelming for me and not something I see myself wanting to deal with in the future.

Chafing can happen when you least expect it.

Let go of failure, and forget, putting it in the past and hope for a better future.

Love yourself even when others can't.