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2014 Viaduct Ultra Marathon Race Recap

I did not get to camp (Luciana Park) until after midnight. Lanesboro is a borough in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania with only about 500 or so residents. I was worried I would wake up the ultra runners setting up my tent so late. I tried to be as quiet as I could and finally got my tent up in time for about four hours of sleep. I woke up to some runners talking at 4am and headed out to the start after getting myself ready to run. I received a warm greeting from the guy checking in all the runners.

At 5am sharp we all started the Viaduct Ultra Marathon, some running 50 miles and some 100. My goal heading out was to just run and keep a steady pace. I always run with my phone, which surprises other veteran runners, when they notice. My phone has my music and Nike app with my GPS, but this time there was no signal in the mountains and no music or any way to track my time. I had only one song and there was no way I wanted to hear the same song over and over again, so for the majority of …

Free Ultra Marathons You Can Register For

[caption id="attachment_4818" align="aligncenter" width="598"] Finishers Award For Destin 100[/caption]

I read the training plan for Umstead 100 and my training for Destin 100 should be at least a 6 month ordeal. My mileage should already be averaging around 70-90 miles a week and it is. The Sunday long run is the most important part of my training plan. Sunday long runs should be 40 miles or more and I would like to train in Virginia Beach to mimic the feel of running 100 miles on the sand.

Months To Train

August - September- October-November- December-January- February 15 Race Day

Before I start training for this 100 miler I will run a free 50 mile race this month on the 26th called Viaduct Trail Ultramarathon. My training for the 100 mile race will be the same running routine I am on.. 10 to 15 miles a day 4 days a week and one day probably Sunday will be a very long run around 40 miles or so. Friday will be called FriHill, the day I run hills for speed w…