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2014 Belmead Trail Fest Race Recap

I was not really in the mood to run a marathon yesterday, then after me and another runner got lost that just made it more frustrating. I was just too sore in my hip joints from participating in last weekends Virgil Crest 50k to run a full Marathon.

My options were to pull out.. DNF or run/walk the coure. I ran a little,  but mostly hiked the full marathon.  I constantly reminded myself that my body was not healed, and sure enough all my weak spots started to hurt like my knees and so forth. This is my tenth marathon in my quest to run a marathon in all 50 states and luckily it was hiker friendly.

I know what pain and suffering is like and so I knew how to deal with this from past experience. As I looked at all the runners passing me by I realized that I am still about 20 pounds overweight. I am at a standstill with no weight loss.

During this marathon I started to think about what Jenna told me and I have made a commitment to stop drinking alcohol at work. This could very well be th…

Virgil Crest Ultra Marathon 50k Race Recap

Marathon number 9 in my quest to run 50 marathons or ultras in 50 states.

Saturday when I arrived in the morning it was too windy to pitch my tent. I got my bib and drove to  Cortland NY.  After visiting the small town of Cortland NY I went to cheer and be supportive of the runners who were racing for 50 and 100 mile distances.

Every race teaches me something new about myself and how I can work to become a better person and runner.  Virgil Crest Ultra arguably one of the toughest ultra marathons in North East America. This Ultra was noticeably organized by people that have a passion for the sport. I read once, do something everyday that the average person in the world does not do and that's what I did on September 21, 2014 at Virgil Crest 50k.

I accepted my fitness level on that day.  I worked through my demon's and everything that screamed I should throw in the towel. I got lost,  crawled, walked , jogged and ran when I could. I saw struggle. I saw pain, and I saw finishers …