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My Three Favorite Marathons This Year And Why

My Three Favorite Marathons For 2014

Flying Pig Marathon

NJ Marathon

Rock 'N Roll Marathon DC

Like anything in life your most memorable and greatest experiences are associated with people that you care about or and care about you.

You do something fun together and you bond. Those good feelings of encouragement and hope carry forward to your future. You can't change some of the things in the past you may wish never had taken place, but you can make positive choices in the future and find happiness in what you love to do.

Flying Pig Marathon

I heard about Flying Pig from Jessica .. a Facebook friend. This race was truly awesome. She ran the half marathon and I ran the full. Although I got a terrible fever after the race and never got to meet her, I will never forget her kindness and encouragement.

The crowds in this race you will never forget. I told someone last night your first marathon is hard ... forget walking, your second one even harder..and if you can make it through your t…