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2015 Charleston Marathon Race Recap: And All This I Lay At The Cross OfJesus Christ

12 Mile Bike Ride To Start Of Race, Brunch & Back To Hotel Room
Charleston Marathon 26.2 Miles: 6:06:00

It was by chance I met these two beautiful ladies. They were so positive and I tried to adapt their attitude even though I felt shitty being sick and with a fever. I know the night before the race I could have waited till next year or sucked it up and drive on. I also knew this would not be a great time since I was fighting a cold, tooth pain, and disappointment in someone letting me down personally. So meeting these two inspiring ladies played an instrumental roll in even finishing the race. They both met in college on the row team. They kept in touch and although they live far away from each other they are like the Distant Runners meeting for races now and then throughout the year. Before I knew it after chatting it up mile 8 passed running around a 14:00 pace. They told me to go I could do it so I left the pack and pushed as hard as I could. For a while I thought I could hol…