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Healing Through Music By Sunset Birds And Gentle Waves

Posted by Caroline Tomasi on Friday, April 14, 2017

Pressing Forward In Life's Marathon

Life is like running a marathon. There are ups and downs in life's race. Painful moments and sometimes injuries. You heal and you get back in life's race. Sometimes you have to slow your pace or even walk. Sometimes you feel, how is it possible to finish my life? It is your race and your competition is staring back at you when you look into the mirror. Train with dedication everyday, for a strong heart and mind. When it's time to cross the finish line know you ran your best race and gave life everything you had. You woke up everyday and you didn't give up. Your not a quitter you only got stronger and you were in God's guiding hand. There are no answer to life's hard questions. Stop searching for answers they simply don't exist. Just know God gave you this new day to keep on in your race because he knew it would be enough for you. Through Christ Jesus everything is possible.

Breaking The Habit Of Loving Through Rejection

The person I loved, I use to miss him and wanted to see him again...I waited a year and now I have moved on. When I was with him I didn't have a voice. His rejection hurt. His love was something I was trying to earn. Love allows your existence. Love speaks to you. Love doesn't shut the door when you're near.
I was someone to help steer his boat, then once he found his co-pilot I would be tossed into the sea to drown or swim alone to try and save my life. Love doesn't ask you to make that sacrifice. Love meets you everyday where your at. Love doesn't tell you your not good enough. Love gives you something to build from. When with you I only shed tears, felt pain, felt more lonely, and unlovable. How did I think I ever loved you? Maybe that's all I have ever known love to be, from mom to dad to friends and now you. If this is love then I say now " No thank you". I have picked up the pieces of whatever was left of me with self love and care. I strongly b…

Romantic Love: Letting Go Of An Old Dream An Empowering Yourself With Self Love

There was a time when all I wanted out of life was romantic love. Then life taught me otherwise the hard way contrary to all my faith in myself and my beliefs on romantic love. Nothing I believed about romantic love was true, or achievable for me. The more I got to know myself the further my dream dissolved. The only thing I had left to turn to was self love or self hatred. I chose self love.