Struggling to hold down a job.

I have always struggled to hold down a job any job actually. I'm a job hopper and I have to get help
and change myself. I don't want to live life feeling like I have to work, it makes me feel trapped. I trick myself and say "Caroline your going to volunteer today and contribute to the community and give your smile and love and make it a brighter place to be in. Has been working so far.

Things That Cause Me To Quit
• not feeling appreciated
• feeling other's unbearable feelings
• boss talking down to me
• saying the wrong thing at work

I have in the past started a new job and just never went back. I don't know how to hold down a job and I need your help. Things like the fear of being fired, not being confident, upsetting a coworker by what I say, or just being me has attributed to my failures. The number one thing in life that I want is to be happy, but how can I be happy if work causes so much unhappiness?

I'm an INFJ and you can find your Myers Brigg personality type if you don't know it with a simple google search and taking a free online quiz. It will tell you the best jobs that suite your personality.

Do you or have you struggled with holding down a job? If so how did you overcome this obstacle in your life.


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